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5 Tips to Build Good Credit Score

5 Tips to Build Good Credit Score

Lenders have always reviewed a borrower’s credit score before approving their application. And this is exactly why maintaining a good credit history. Many people do struggle with keeping their credit score in check, but with a few effective tips, this can easily be avoided. Here are some of the expert tips on building a good credit score:

Always Pay on Time
Credit scores normally get badly affected because the bills are not being paid on time. And many don’t realize this mistake, which costs them dearly. It’s crucial to underastand that the payment history holds a major aspect when it comes to credit scores being affected since they hold up 35% of credit scores. 

Request for an Increased Credit Line
An effective way of maintaining your utilization rate on the lower side is to ensure your line of credit keeps increasing. This is why you should call up your lender and inquire about increasing your credit limit. The increase in your credit limit will result in your utilization rate dropping since your balances would get stable. 

Clear Off the Minimum Amount
Of course, the first preference for everyone would be to clear off the balance in full amount with each passing month as this would help save interest. However, it is natural for situations to arise wherein you come across certain financial hurdles and are not able to clear off the balance in full. In such cases, you should at least make it a point to clear off the minimum amount due. This will keep from the balance becoming a missed payment, which would ultimately result in a decreased credit score. 

Keep Tabs on Your Report
To maintain your credit report, it is essential to be keep track of it. You have a legal right to view your credit report once every year from all three credit bureaus. This should be used to your advantage

Never Close Down Old Accounts
When most people have old credit cards that they do not use anymore, what they usually do in most cases is close to them. But this action decreases their line of credit. Another reason to not closing down a credit card is that the average length of credit goes down, which affects the credit score. This is why you should avoid closing down old accounts to keep the line of credit running, which will help you maintain a steady credit score. 

The abovementioned points are some of the top expert tips on building a good credit score.

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