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4 Most Popular Mattresses

4 Most Popular Mattresses

A mattress is an important component when it comes to sound sleep. Unlike a popular notion, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a mattress of high quality. Herein, we talk about four of the most popular mattresses on a budget that gives tough competition to their expensive counterparts. 

First on our list of most popular mattresses on a budget is the Zoma mattress. The total height of this mattress is 11 inches out of which the first layer contains 2 inches of Triangulex™ memory foam. Zoma mattress comes with three layers of foam that can easily adapt to your body to improve sleep quality by relieving pressure. Zoma mattress is available for around $750 at most retail stores and provides comprehensive compression to the hips and shoulders. 

This mattress can accommodate any type of sleeper: stomach, back, side, and combination of all. It has pressure points that can help deliver appropriate comforting pressure to the back, shoulders, and hips, especially if you suffer pain in these areas. It comes with three layers of polyfoam which has high density. It’s a noise-free mattress with superior motion isolation design. At most retail stores, you will be able to purchase the mattress at around $800.

Layla is yet another most popular mattress on a budget that is exceptionally great for a night of good night sleep. It has both soft and firm side, which can be a great option for those who are unsure of the firmness they desire from a mattress. Layla’s foam layers are copper infused, which is known to have great medicinal properties. It relieves pain and presses pressure points because of which you can rest assured of a more sound sleep. At around $900 you can purchase it from most retail stores.

Tuft & Needle
The Tuft & Needle mattress is the flagship model that caters to the sleeping needs of all customers. This mattress is structured to accommodate all kinds of sleepers. It has adaptive foam which is known for providing a high level of comfort and that too at a budget price of $600. The base is made of high-density polyfoam, which makes it immensely supportive and keeps you aligned and lifted. Apart from providing relief to your pressure points, it provides you with cooling properties and support. The company also provides you a 100-day trial period. 

Sleeping on a good-quality mattress means that you are not compromising with the comforts of your body. The right mattress would also help you keep neck and back pain at bay, immaterial of your sleeping position. And with these most popular mattresses on a budget, you can expect all the comforts at a relatively cheaper price. 

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